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Frequently Asked Questions:


How does Wizdom TransPlanner! work?

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Like a giant electronic checklist, the TransPlanner! prompts teachers to consider with their students all of the domains that pertain to adult life.

  1. Through an engaging survey, directed to the students, the teachers interview students, or the students who can read at 4 th grade level interview themselves.

  2. The teachers, students, and sometimes parents or other family members answer a set of questions that creates a profile of the student.

  3. The TransPlanner! takes the answers provided by the student, ascertains the students needs, and creates a multi-year plan with recommended activities for achieving the students’ goals.
Depending upon the students’ needs and disability, the students (and family members and teachers) are electronically linked to local and appropriate non-LEA transition service providers.

How does TransPlanner benefit students?

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Students benefit from the TransPlanner! in these ways.

  • Students express, from their perspective, their strengths, preferences, needs, and interests.

  • Students – and their family members – are gently and continuously guided towards thinking about the future and what options are available.

  • Because of the summary plan and summary reports, students can see at a glance what they need to work on to achieve their own goals.
By engaging in transition planning, students begin to engage in their own educational processes, making sense of their high school education and its benefits for their lives.

How do Teachers Benefit ?

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Teachers benefit in these ways.

  • No need to remember all the details about transition planning, transition services, post secondary goals – teachers learn by doing, as the TransPlanner! guides the transition assessment and planning session.

  • Teachers gain a wholistic view of their students, seeing all of what it takes to help their students succeed in adult life.

  • Teachers gain a future-orientation.

  • (Optionally, and per the school district) the teachers can select from curricula, learning objectives, and formal assessments those components necessary for the best IEP.

  • The TransPlanner! obtains information, organizes it, and creates action-oriented transition plans that direct multiple years of the student’s high school life.

  • Teachers save the time required – usually about ½ day per agency – finding out what community resources are available.
Family members, through the transition plan, are enlisted in the education of their children through high school and contacting community service providers during high school and beyond.

How Do Families Benefit?

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Families benefit from the TransPlanner! in these ways.

  • Family members can identify what needs to be done, when, and realize what they need to do to help their child succeed.

  • Family members become aware of what adult – post secondary services are available, and can contact them at the time the adult services deem appropriate. (If few adult services are available, family members can develop alternate plans for their child’s future, if necessary.)

How do Districts Benefit from TransPlanner?

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Districts benefit from the TransPlanner! in these ways:

  • District administrators can be assured that the teachers are complying with the transition plan, assessment, and service requirements of IDEA 2004.

  • Special education directors can view, realtime, the progress students are making towards goals.

  • Administrators can easily determine who has – and who has not – conducted transition planning with their students.

  • With the advent of State Performance Plan Indicators 13 and 14 (and optionally 1 and 2), administrators can extract the necessary data for reporting requirements, and more importantly conduct educational program evaluations, improving and refining existing programs.

  • The functional achievements and recommendations to post secondary service providers, 2/3 of the IDEA 2004 Summary of Performance, are stored in the TransPlanner!
Q. How did Wizdom Education Get the Survey Questions for TransPlanner? A.

Wizdom wrote the TransPlanner! survey questions based on:

  • Federal requirements

  • best practices we’ve learned


  • what we’ve learned from teachers, kids and parents


Q. What is the History of Wizdom TransPlanner? A.

Beginning in 1999 and with direction and partial funding from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), Wizdom conducted research that established the feasibility and desirability of adapting an existing web-based project management tool to meet the information needs of consumers (students with disabilities and their parents/guardians) and educational staff. (Please see http://www.ed.gov/offices/OERI/SBIR/FY00 /phase2/phii00 wizdom.html.)

Wizdom capitalized upon the research and adapted an existing system resulting in a fully functional web-based planning and communications tool, commercially known as the TransPlanner!


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