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Wizdom Transplanner web-based individualized transition plans

Special Education Educators:

   Wizdom Education helps Educators, students with disabilities and their families set the stage for a successful and satisfying transition to post high school life.

We help make transition planning EASY and FUN!
(for everyone!)


When the school bus stops coming, too often students with disabilities are not prepared to enter employment, training, education, living, and communities as well-prepared young adults.

To counter this common reality, IDEA 2004 highly emphasizes transition planning, post-high school goals, and transition services as the bridge to successfully cross over from high school to post high school life.

The Wizdom TransPlanner! helps students with disabilities, their families and their teachers set the stage for a successful and satisfying transition to post high school life.

The Wizdom TransPlanner! fosters those conversations that result in meaningful, student-directed individualized transition plans, and identifies community agencies who can shoulder some of the burden in providing transition services. TransPlanner!

  • Obeys IDEA’97

  • Obeys IDEA 2004
  • A powerful web-based application, Wizdom TransPlanner!:
    • Uses on-line survey to gather information: Wizdom Transplanner uses on-line survey to gather student information
      Automatically prepares outcome based Individual Transition Plan (ITP), complete with services needed, services provided, and timing: Transplanner automatically prepares outcoe based Individual Transition Plann (ITP)
      Manages all Documents Easily manage all documents

      Identifies and links Service Providers

      Easily manage all documents
      Provides Robust Security Easily manage all documents

      Obeys IDEA’97


      IDEA 2004


    About Wizdom TransPlanner!


    Wizdom TransPlanner! is used through all phases of transition planning:

    • Identifies the strengths, needs, preferences, interests, hopes and goals of the student with a disability Determines what services are required Identifies and links the student to the most appropriate adult services Automatically generates a dynamic transition plan
    • Maintains all records and documents related to the the transition services securely on the district’s or state’s server

    Wizdom Transplanner!:

    • performs all essential transition planning functions guides the experiences of students with disabilities generates a plan links student’s needs with service providers
    • presents a timeline of what to do and when, during the transition period


    Teachers are currently using Wizdom TransPlanner in Naperville, IL and 11 school districts in Minnesota to meet transition planning needs. The school districts will also use the Wizdom TransPlanner to answer a persistent question posed by school district officials: "What is the effect of special education services on the lives of students beyond high school?”

    Nationwide, for any school district, Wizdom TransPlanner! can:

    • Identify activities that maximized, contributed, had no effect, or had detrimental effects on post-high school outcomes in the lives of students with disabilities in the areas of employment, post-secondary education, independent living, community participation, and linkage to adult services.
    • Identify student’s/parents/guardians satisfaction with the outcomes Identify the financial return on investment on specific transitionl services provided to the students during high school.


    Wizdom Transplanner web-based individualized transition plans

    For more information
    For more information about Wizdom TransPlanner!, please contact us: 630-357-3000, or email Robin Davies



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